Specialised Services

Avion has a successful history in tailoring specialised, unique and fully managed services, to airports and ground handlers, around the east coast of Australia. Avion’s veteran management team leverages from its industry relations and task specific experience to execute exclusive services, reducing the stress and cost and allowing our clients to concentrate on the important things. 

Keeping safety and security at the forefront of our operations, Avion ensures that all of its personnel are professionally trained in live and realistic aviation environments, in order to meet the necessary skill demands of our specialised services and that of our client’s expectations. 

Loading & Unloading International Freighter Aircraft

Our clients entrust us to handle entire international freighter aircraft turnarounds, on their behalf, on the basis that we provide skilled and fully trained personnel. This is an extremely technical environment that involves the imperative need for strong stakeholder engagement, on-site operational and safety management. 

Below we have listed in detail most of the tasks completed:

  • Building-up of cattle pens
  • Loading ULD’s
  • Closing and locking down aircraft ULD’s
  • Transporting cargo to and from cargo facility to aircraft
  • Allocate team members to flight tasks
  • Operating high loaders, forklifts, baggage tugs, rolling stock, weight bridges
  • Operating aircraft in-hold systems
  • Reading and understanding load plans.

Freighter Aircraft Loads include:

  • Livestock (cattle/sheep/horses/goats)
  • Racing equipment (F1/GP/V8 Super Cars)
  • Dangerous goods shipments
  • Aircraft parts
  • Firefighting equipment (aircraft).

Aircraft types handled:

  • B747 – 800
  • B747- 400
  • B777- F
  • Antonov – An 124 Ruslan
Aircraft Cabin Cleaning Support Service

This project complemented the launch of our client’s new customer airline. Avion had a team of personnel in Melbourne and Sydney consisting of port managers, multiple team leaders and cleaning staff. 

Tasks included:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • rostering
  • HR (recruitment/staff grievances)
  • Training
  • Cabin cleaning
  • Airside driving
  • Project management
  • Licensing
  • Meetings
  • Developing process and procedures.
International Airport Terminal Support

Avion successfully managed a large team of ramp and passenger services personnel who safely loaded and unloaded aircraft, guided and assisted passengers through the terminal and airside/land-side areas, and baggage room staff to managed and maintain the efficient flow of baggage through the inbound and outbound baggage carousel.

Tasks included:

  • Operate ramp equipment to load and unload horse floats
  • Assisting special needs passengers
  • Checking boarding passes and international departure doors
  • Checking passports
  • Allocating and managing wheelchair passengers
  • Allocating and managing baggage trolleys

Skilled Personnel

Complementing our training services, we make it easy to find skilled and pasionate ground operations and airport staff, to meet your changing needs. In addition, our placement services take the risk and stress out of finding suitable personnel for ground operations roles.

Candidates come equipped with ASIC’s, CASA accredited training such as DG Awareness, AROC, Load Distribution and Restraint. We also provide in-house Drug and Alcohol testing.

Avion is a specialist personnel supplier who understands the specific industry needs of its clients and delivers its promise that we will supply only job-ready and passionate aviation personnel.

Consulting & Management Services

Our industry experience and knowledge allow us to analyse and identify operational pain points or deficiencies for our clients and work collaboratively towards creating better and more efficient business functionality.

Post a complimentary analysis of your business, Avion will list its targets and build a robust plan that in unison with its clients will implement and execute processes that ultimately increase our client’s bottom line.

At Avion, we believe strongly that the advice from a fresh set of eyes of a third-party organisation, with a wealth of experience, can lead to positive change and sharpen business strategy goals.

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