Manage Human Factors in Aviation Operations




This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to understand human factors in aviation, in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements of Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and national operating standards. It includes managing personal performance and communicating effectively within the aviation environment. This unit addresses aviation non-technical skills (mental, social and personal management abilities) related to safety management duties of aviation personnel, and contributes to safe and effective performance in aviation operational environments. Operations are conducted under commercial, charter or airline aviation activities across a variety of operational contexts within the Australian aviation industry. Work is performed independently or under limited supervision as a single operator or within a team environment. Licensing, regulatory or certification requirements are applicable to this unit.

Suggested Duration: 4- 8 hours
Course Name: Manage Human Factors in Aviation
Pre-requisite Unit: Not applicable

Topics Covered:
⦁ Listening Skills
⦁ Communication Skills
⦁ Questioning Skills
⦁ Team Working Key Points
⦁ Lifestyle & Stress
⦁ Drugs & Alcohol
⦁ Psychological & Physiological in Aviation
⦁ Swiss Cheese Model