Airside Safety Awareness

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This course has been designed to give students the necessary understanding and awareness of the Airside environment, and the risks involved. Working Airside, you will be exposed to a number of pressures that arise from the fast-paced environment you are working in.

Safety is to be considered first and foremost imperative in the airside environment and this course will give clear guidance and outlines as to how to work safely at all times and how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle and how that affects your job positively, airside.
Being responsible for a number of tasks including but not limited to, the safe handling of ground services equipment and loading/unloading of aircraft,  the airside environment is fast-paced and constantly changing that requires a high level of situational awareness to deal with the pressures of meeting the demands of airline schedules, weather conditions and tasks at hand.

Topics Covered

  • Dangerous Goods Awareness by Air
  • Airside Security Awareness Training
  • Prepare for Airside Operations
  • Manage Human Factors
  • DAMP Awareness (Drug and Alcohol Management Plan)
  • Circle of Safety
  • Safety Cone Placement

This course packages together our training to provide an entry-level industry skill set for the general public looking to enter the aviation sector as a ramp agent.


Location – Online

Duration – 2 weeks

Eligibility – None