Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate




This is the Theory component of the Aeronautical Radio Operators course. You will need to complete face to face training and assessment in order to apply for an Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate from CASA. In the face to face session, you will be shown how to use a radio, make calls and carry out fault finding techniques for faulty radios. Following the practical training, you will be required to complete theory and practical assessment based on what you have learnt. After successful completion of your assessment, you will also undergo an English Language Proficiency test prior to completing your application to CASA for your Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate.

Suggested Duration: 16 hours

Pre-requisite Unit- Associated job roles:

  • Aerodrome Reporting Officer 
  • Push Back Tug Operator
  • Aircraft Receive & Dispatch 
  • Aerodrome Maintenance
  • Airside Driver