Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate




Aeronautical Radio Operator (AROC) Course


The Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate is required by anyone in Australia who has a need to use an aeronautical radio. These radios are used to communicate with aircraft and air traffic services. Typical job roles include:

  • Aerodrome Reporting Officer
  • Push Back Tug Operator
  • Aircraft Receival & Dispatcher
  • Aerodrome Maintenance
  • Airside Driver
  • Drone operator

Avion has found that an AROC is a great way to get your career in aviation moving and is highly sort after by employers in the aviation industry.

To obtain your AROC you need to make an application to the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) after you complete a CASA approved Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate course and have been assessed competent in either General English Language Proficiency (GELP) or Aviation English Language Proficiency (AELP)

Avion’s CASA approved AROC course is the one stop solution. Our standard course includes us taking care of all the administration, working with CASA in managing your application. Unlike some of our competitors the GELP assessment and CASA application is included at no additional cost and we can also conduct the AELP assessment on request.

All you need to do is book, study and complete the course and we do all the rest!

The course is conducted using both online theory and classroom/workplace practical training and assessments.

At the end of the training you will receive a certificate of training demonstrating you have successfully met the requirements of the following CASA competencies:

  • GEL.1 – General communication
  • C1.1 – Communicating face to face
  • C1.2 – Operational communication using an aeronautical radio
  • C3.1 – Operate radio equipment
  • C3.3 – Manage R/T equipment malfunctions
  • C3.3 – Operate a transponder

All training is conducted in accordance with the Manual of Standards Part 61 Schedule 2 under CASA instrument approval CASA.AROC TA.0062